John A. Theodorou


John A. Theodorou, Associate Professor Icon Flag Greece

Cage & fish farming, aquaculture risk management, aquaculture interactions with aquatic ecosystems, invasive species, ecosystem services, socio-ecological systems, quality management and assurance, sectoral analysis, transfer of know-how. Development of innovative products & actions.

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Selected publications

Theodorou J.A., Leech B.S., Perdikaris C., Hellio C., Katselis G. (2019). Performance of the cultured Mediterranean mussel Mytilus galloprovincialis Lamark, 1819 after summer post-harvest re-immersion. Turkish Journal of Fisheries & Aquatic Science. DOI: 10.4194/1303-2712-v19_03_05

Theodorou J.A., Perdikaris C. & Spinos E. (2019). On the occurrence of rayed pearl oyster Pinctada imbricata radiata (Leach, 1814) in Western Greece (Ionian Sea) and its biofouling potential. Biharean Biologist e181204.

Theodorou J.A. & Tzovenis I. (2017). Managing the risks of the Greek Crisis in Aquaculture: A SWOT Analysis of the Mediterranean Mussel Farming in Greece. Agricultural Economics Review 18(2):18-26.

Hatzonikolakis G., Tsiaras K., Theodorou J.A., Petihakis G., Sofianos S., Triantafyllou G. (2017). Simulation of cultured Mediterranean mussel Mytilus galloprovincialis by a dynamic energy budget (DEB) model; Implementation in the gulfs of Maliakos and Thermaikos, (Aegean Sea, Greece). Aquaculture Environment Interactions 9: 371–383,